As anyone who has looked at the last posting date can guess, this blog has ended. Smith is doing a great job now of promoting Smithies online via e-blasts and e-news and various other forums (twitter, facebook, etc); this blog no longer feels needed. All will stay as it is (although I will turn off comments if I can figure that out).

Enjoy it as a resource!

I have an unending soft-spot for parody videos! Especially ones made by Smithies!

Here is the original:

And here is the Smith parody, by the Korean American Students at Smith club!

I’m guessing this is the first Smith College grad to ever be featured in a Google Doodle! Happy birthday to Julia Child ’34!

Check out Google’s Doodle page to read more about the doodle and see earlier versions of it.

Karolina Kawiaka ’88 has won a national competition to redesign the Washington Monument in DC.

The centerpiece of Kawiaka’s work is a 3,000-seat amphitheater that will be inserted into the currently empty grounds adjacent to the Washington Monument. The finished public space will overlook a new “great lawn” on the north-south axis that runs through the White House and Jefferson Memorial.

Kawiaka said she wanted to draw attention to the original plan for the monument to be placed at the intersection of two lines — one running north-south from the center of the White House and another east-west from the Capitol Building’s center. […]

“I am interested in the idea of ‘placeness’ and how to build and create an experience that intensifies a sense of a particular place,” she said. “This means thinking about the whole experience of a building or landscape, including historical and symbolic references as well as the perceptual experience and the use of light to lead one through a space.”

Here is an artistic rendition of the design:


I recently heard through the grapevine that Kirby Capen ’07 passed away from cancer in January. Her family kept a blog for her called KirbyStrong to provide family and friends with updates. The blog also became a tool to collect literally thousands of paper cranes that were folded for Kirby. After Kirby’s death, her family decided to donate some of Kirby’s cranes to the DC-based Smith Center, which provides healing resources to people with illnesses.

As Kirby’s mother Judith wrote:

We, of course, have been living with these birds for some time now and associate them with the sorrow of Kirby’s failed battle to survive that awful cancer. But, the cranes are also very much about our family’s community, which extended amazingly, and all those people’s hopes, manifest prayers, and caring. People seeing them for the first time in their completion have told us many times that they thought the aggregate of the cranes was significant enough to share with more people than just those who come into our dining room. So, we talked to the people at the Smith Center for Healing and the Arts (with help in establishing initial contacts from a couple of Capitol Hill angels). We especially liked the SMITH connection even though the Smith Center and Smith College are named for different Smiths…(I hope all you Smith College grads like the Smith parallel, too :-) ) […]

Kirby Capen's mother Judith hangs the paper cranes at the Smith Center

The support for Kirby and us while she was sick is manifest in this collection of love-filled cranes. We are so very pleased these cranes are finding their way into the world with their messages of love, hope, peace, and healing.

A beautiful tribute to a life.

Well, of course you can go back to college at Reunion. But Becky ’02 of the Inquisitive Hippo has taken it one step further — she has arranged a song from Avenue Q for fellow Glee Clubbers, musicians, and other Smith singers to sing at reunion!

Here’s her post:

This weekend marks 10 years since I received my degree from Smith College and I’ll be living it up NoHo style with all my friends from the class of ’02. I can’t actually believe it’s been 10 years since graduation but somehow life keeps churning away whether you pay attention to it or not. In celebration of this milestone, I took a song I love from the Broadway Musical, Avenue Q (if you haven’t seen it, stop reading immediately and go YouTube it right now) and arranged it for women’s voices in hopes that we’ll find a time to sing it this weekend.

So, lovely glee clubbers of the class of  ’02, download this fabulous pdf and hopefully we’ll fit it in to our weekend!

I Wish I Could Go Back to College

I hope this actually happens, and that when it does, it is captured on YouTube!

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