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Although the official two-year reunion has been quietly abolished, the youngest alums are planning to parade nonetheless! Here are some other samplings of the Smithie spirit: Jessica ’01 was delighted to receive a package full of incredibly beautiful fabric scraps from a friend. (“One woman’s scraps are another woman’s… soon-to-be quilt?” “From scraps to stitches?” […]

My favorite Smith tradition is the Ivy Day parade. I love seeing each successive class come proudly down the path, witty and nostalgic signs in tow. Somehow, each class still mirrors the previous ones, despite the difference in years. Poking around online, I found a wonderful clipping from The New York Times about Ivy Day […]

We’re growing quickly! In just a few days, we’ve collected over 75 alumnae blogs, authored by alums from 1967 to the soon-to-be graduates of 2008. Soon, we’ll start adding short blurbs about individual blogs. We’ll highlight posts and alum blogs that we find informative, thought-provoking, or just downright funny. Not surprisingly, the alum blogs we’ve […]

We’re just plugging in some details, and then we’ll be up and running. Are you a Smithie with a blog? Send it to Thanks! photo: Stoddard Hall Lab, 1904 credit: