Virtual Ivy Day Parade: 10+


My favorite Smith tradition is the Ivy Day parade. I love seeing each successive class come proudly down the path, witty and nostalgic signs in tow. Somehow, each class still mirrors the previous ones, despite the difference in years.

Poking around online, I found a wonderful clipping from The New York Times about Ivy Day 1907 and decided it would be nice to feature a virtual Ivy Day parade, starting with a selection of the alums that have been graduated for about ten years:

Eliza ’97, of The Brown Wall, just ended a trip to Denmark. She felted her first slipper, kept her cell phone off for two weeks, and wondered at the similarity between Danish dune beaches and New Jersey’s.

Ariel ’98, of Librarian-in-Training, spent last Friday debating whether or not “to be Crazy Poop Lady.”

Grand Marnier ’98, of Notes from Life, reflected on the highlights and the craziness of her first six months as an RN, including 18-gauge needles, 10-second births, and fainting fathers.

Ernessa ’99, of Bloggin’ on the Etc, is excitedly coordinating a short film festival of disappointing porn. Appropriately enough, it’s called The Quickie.

The Moms (one of whom is ’99) at Gin-Soaked Olive, are dealing with their five-month-old’s case of bronchiolitis and national media exposure about their civil union.

Maria ’00, of A Time to Dance, has strong opinions about the excessive and phobic amounts of contact people tend to have when dance partnering.

And last but not least, Christine ’00, of Christie at the Cape, is blissfully, unapologetically, and delightedly exploring the geological wonders of the sole dolomite in Namibia.


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