Virtual Ivy Day Parade: <10 years


Although the official two-year reunion has been quietly abolished, the youngest alums are planning to parade nonetheless! Here are some other samplings of the Smithie spirit:

Jessica ’01 was delighted to receive a package full of incredibly beautiful fabric scraps from a friend. (“One woman’s scraps are another woman’s… soon-to-be quilt?” “From scraps to stitches?” We’ll stop now.)

Woman Remodeled ’02 is excited about Dean Kamen’s appearance on the Colbert Report with his contraption that can turn anything– even urine –into clean, purified water. (But how does it taste?)

The Reverse Tourism Project by Laura ’03 involves leaving marshmallow ice cream candy cones with people all over Boston. Because honeybell oranges weren’t in season. (Seriously, folks, we’re not making this up. That’s the reason.)

Molly Laas ’04 has a piece up at The Huffington Post about organically and naturally produced wines. Sulfites and yeasts and fermentation, oh my!

Lauren Wolfe ’05 (super Smithie and superdelegate) was quoted in a New York Times article about how young people share and pass on political news. Apparently it involves more than passing on Daily Show clips. (OK, so this isn’t a blog post. But hey, it’s the New York Times!)

Jocelyn ’06 reports on a brilliant new way to keep speech times down at the next Academy Awards. (If only they’d come up with it years ago— Hallie Kate Eisenberg would’ve been perfect!)

Amani ’07 reports on the fight against sexual violence in several African nations, and how Liberia literally re-wrote a national concept of justice. (Maybe they could come over here and do a seminar?)

and finally,

a look at the life of soon-to-be alum Em ’08, studying, working, and enjoying her final months at our alma mater. You can do it, Em!


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