Springtime & the Early 90s


Spring can only mean one thing: baseball! The Yankee vs. Red Sox rivalry is starting up again. Up here in Red Sox land, the passions are firing up. Are you prepared with your Yankee Voodoo doll? If not, Lisa ’90 can knit you one!

And if you’re not watching the games at night, you’re probably watching that other intense competition— the upcoming election. Whichever way you’re voting, it’s been an exciting race all around, and the only thing that’s certain is that it sure as hell isn’t over yet. Christy ’91 has a piece up at Fire Dog Lake about myths surrounding John McCain in the media, while Boundless Meanderings ’92 provides some context surrounding Obama’s latest coverage. Which begs the question: What about Hillary?

And if you’re not excited about baseball or are sick of hearing about the election, you must be excited about the weather getting warmer. Elizabeth ’93 was walking in Central Park recently and saw turtles excitedly sunbathing on rocks. While it’s not quite time in NYC for human sunbathing yet, she posted some beautiful summer pictures to inspire us while we’re waiting.

And if you’re worried about your beauty regimen being affected by the weather, you’re not alone. Lola ’94 writes about experimenting with shampooing, pre-poo-ing and pre-poo-poo-ing (not to mention conditioning) noting which products are making her hair feel shiny and fabulous as the weather in DC gets warmer.

Class of ’95 and class of ’96, where are you? We have no blog representation from y’all! Send those links to smithalumblogs@gmail.com and get on board!


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