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Many thanks to Boundless Meanderings for letting us know about this: Farah Pandith ’90 is the subject of a recent Boston Globe article about her international work creating dialogue and conversation around religion, culture, and integration. Here’s an excerpt: Eighteen years after she graduated from Smith College, Farah Pandith, her hair neatly coifed in a […]

Dear Class of 2008: WELCOME! Congratulations on graduating, and a hearty welcome into the Smith alumnae circle!

Alums of the 80s: They saw legwarmers, big hair, big sunglasses, a two-term Republican presidency, and Smith’s first female president— Jill Ker Conway. Over twenty years later, legwarmers are back, hair keeps getting weirder, our sunglasses are huge, and we’re at the end of another two-term Republican presidency. OK, so maybe the world hasn’t changed […]