Back to the ’80s…


mum alumAlums of the 80s: They saw legwarmers, big hair, big sunglasses, a two-term Republican presidency, and Smith’s first female president— Jill Ker Conway.

Over twenty years later, legwarmers are back, hair keeps getting weirder, our sunglasses are huge, and we’re at the end of another two-term Republican presidency.

OK, so maybe the world hasn’t changed that much. Anyhow, here’s a few tidbits from alums of the ’80s:

There’s a new STD out there on the loose. You can’t get tested for it, you can’t protect against it, and, secretly, everyone you now wants to get it. Try as you may, you can’t avoid contracting… Madonna.

Sometimes, being a mom means coming home to chocolate all over your house. In that bad way that means your kid’s gotten into the Hershey’s Lip Smackers again… Hey, at least she’s cute!

[photo: Stephanie Clark, ’84, who created a chrysanthemum hybrid. See more “Mum Alums” here.]


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