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When Cynthia Linton ’60 graduated, the price of a regular gallon of gas was 31 cents (or about $2.18 once adjusted for inflation). This year in her blog Earthling Angst, she reports that the current gas prices earned major oil companies about $44.16 billion dollars in second-quarter profits. When Jill Fallon ’67 graduated, second wave […]



It’s all about networking, right? Want to connect with other Smith alumnae professionally? Join the Smith College Alumnae Group on LinkedIn. Looking for more of an informal allegiance? Become a fan of Smith College on Facebook. If you’re looking for something to read on your vacation (or stay-cation), why not read the required reading for […]

Smith is on the 2009 list at: #3: Dorms Like Palaces #15 (5th out of colleges): Best Career/Job Placement Services #16 (8th out of colleges): Most Politically Active Students In addition, Smith is on the “Colleges with a Conscience” list and listed as one of the best 368 colleges in the country. —Source: