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Four Seven Three Six, by Drew ’06, is a Seattle street style blog, documenting real fashion by real people. Drew and her co-blogger Whitney go out on the town to catch people at store openings, after presidential (and VP) debates, and just generally looking fashionable.

Breakfast in Daegu, by Colleen ’08, is a blog about teaching in Korea. In her most recent post, Colleen describes receiving a care package from her Mom. In it? The elusive American delicacy of peanut butter! Her co-teachers, hailing from other English-speaking countries, pronounce the idea of a peanut butter & jelly sandwich as foul. But the real question is: What will her students think?

Social Mathematics, authored by an ’05 grad, discusses the social uses of math—covering everything from proofs to the logic behind “sufficient evidence.” In her most recent post, she argues against the idea that all math should be done in a computer program. Basic math, she argues, is best served by a hand-held calculator, so a person can avoid thinking, “This needs my full attention so I will open a new program on my computer just to handle this math stuff.”


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  1. Sarah & Amanda,

    Thank you very much for adding me to the Association of Smith College Alum Blogs! I’m delighted to be included.

    Your Smith blogs mission is an excellent one!


    Jules Joyce
    The Fighter Writer

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