Cheese. Wine. Pie.


This week, we got lost in Smith alum blogs about food. There are so many, so we offer you a simple paring of some especially delicious and decadent posts.

dscn33431Kate ’00, of Chocolate, Cheese, and Chianti, recently detailed her trip to London. Among the stops on her touristy agenda? Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and, of course, Neal’s Yard Dairy. While the first two might be famous for the historical roles they’ve played, Neal’s is renowned for the delicious rounds they’ve plated. Surrounded by towers of cheese, Kate tasted and sniffed to her heart’s content. Read more about her trip here.

What goes well with cheese? Why, wine, of course! So take a trip over to the southwest region of France, where Lise ’07, of Porcumber, is working in a winery, making Beaujolais. With lots of pictures and detailed descriptions, she gives a fascinating up-close-and-personal account of the grape’s complete lifecycle—from vine to wine! To see pictures of the “pumpover” process that sets the wine apart, click here.

But what if you’d prefer your grapes in another culinary vehicle? Well, you could roast them in olive oil, as and Hannah ’03 and Phoebe ’02 of I ♥ Kale recently did with concord grapes in a gutsy kitchen experiment. Or, you could add them to the more traditional fruit vehicle of pie. Erin ’01, of Erin’s Kitchen, shares her favorite recipe for concord grape pie, or as she calls it, “a dessert to live for.”

Speaking of pie recipes, here’s a delicious, dairy-limited one from Coset the Table. It uses bittersweet chocolate, which is almost always vegan, and if you can get a vegan crust, there isn’t any other dairy required. (There are, however, several eggs involved, making it far from actually vegan.) The author, AH ’08, doesn’t mention it specifically, but if you could get a gluten-free crust, the filling recipe means the pie could be free of both gluten and dairy.

Of course, you might like gluten and dairy, in which case you should probably meet Amber ’00, of Amber Waves of Pain. She’s committed to documenting her life with at least one photo each day, meaning that when life took her to the Chapel Hill State Fair, home of—among other things—deep-fried pecan pie, she was there to photograph it. It just might be the world’s most delicious ways to clog your arteries.


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