Thanksgiving Recipes (and humor!)


Yes, yes, we know that the last post was about food, and this blog is supposed to be as representative as possible of all Smith alum blogs, but… it’s almost Thanksgiving! And while a post about things we’re thankful for is due shortly, here for the meanwhile is a short post with some resources for those who are cooking on the big food-focused day:

Need some comic relief? La Frog ’94 shares a hysterical analysis of a typical Thanksgiving at her house, complete with military analogy:

Let’s take a look at the forces mustering at the front lines right now. First, there’s dad. He’s the ground vehicle component. Tough as an Abrams tank, he boasts his own integrated terrain mapping and display system and a second generation thermal imaging gunner’s sight with increased range. He knows what’s going on, when and where. Also, you can fire a whole shitload of stuff his way and it just bounces off his armor uselessly as he continues to approach you menacingly on his tracked wheels. Mom, on the other hand… [continue here]

2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Recipes (and humor!)”

  1. This is the perfect mix between delicious treat and devilish fun! Thanks for the post!


  2. A notable Blog about how to make LACTO-OVO-VEGETARIAN recipes.

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