What are Smithies thankful for?


Lisa ’99 says she’s thankful for “my two legs, my two feet, my hands and arms, my sight, words, language, radishes, bathtubs, fireflies, wool scarves, silverware, bowls, chairs, clean water, organic apples, libraries, a Democrat in the White House, coffee beans, flower pots, coverlets.”

Angela ’07 is thankful for squash, among other things.

Alison ’98 is “thankful for authors and illustrators who conjure images and ideas that make my jaw drop or make me shake my head in wonder or just make me smile.”

Jess ’97 is thankful for Tuesdays with Dorie (a baking blog).

Phrankly Phred ’04 is grateful for acceptance to graduate school and the city of Chicago.

Erika ’03 & Petra ’04 are thankful for many things, including new family members and socialized health care in Australia.

A Jewish daughter ’99 is thankful that her mother withheld career advice at the Thanksgiving table this year.

Sarah ’00 is thankful that, despite enduring a devastating meeting between a model train and a flight of stairs, her sister will be ok.


3 Responses to “What are Smithies thankful for?”

  1. Hi, the Jordan ’99 blog entry is an error. This is actually a blog post from a guy, one of the bloggers on my blogsite, Fierce and Nerdy, for our Thanksgiving edition. Though we have quite a few Smithies on our team of contributors, none of them wrote a piece for our Thanksgiving edition — save me the editor: Ernessa T. Carter ’99. And mine isn’t all the grateful for anything. Bah-humbug.

    Still, Jordan’s blog is awesome and totally worth the read if you have a sec. Just wanted to clear up any confusion.


  2. Etc–
    Thanks for catching that, I made the correction. Are your blog posts all tagged as something specific? Or are they all you minus the ones that have a byline of someone else?

  3. all me minus the ones that have a byline by someone else. The other Smithies that write for the blog:

    Emily Farrell ’99

    Monique King-Viehland ’99

    Stephanie Myers ’99

    Shante Smalls (Shante Paradigm) ’98

    Aimee Swartz ’98

    Johanna Weller-Fahy (Redheaded Stepchild) ’01?

    Though, please check with them each individually before listing them on the site. 🙂


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