Let it snow!


Liza ’91 would like to know: When you’re a single parent with a toddler and a baby, how do you dig the car out of record snowfall while keeping both kids safe and warm? It sounds like one of those logic puzzles from middle school about rowing animals across a river…

img_4114Waterbury ’94 is watching the animals (ok, birds) outside her window as they discover the birdfeeder she put out for them. Amidst all the snow, birds swooped in and out, visiting her feeder while keeping a keen eye out for bird-watching cats. Are the birds being extra swoopy because the cats are making them nervous? Or are they just flaunting it?

For some people, it doesn’t really feel like winter holiday time until it’s snowed (in which case, many people across the country are feeling extra holiday-ish). But for Monkey ’03, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas until she’s seen the Nutcracker. You think that years of performing in it would have made her immune, but apparently not. Read on here for the inside scoop on being a child, rat, doll, and even a snowflake. Word on the street? All that “stage snow” during the dance of the snowflakes may look nice, but for the dancers, it’s treacherous!


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