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Interested in getting a little Smith College news during your day? How about in 140 characters or fewer? That’s right, our alma mater has joined the masses and started twittering! Check out the college’s tweets to find out a variety of information—such as what house Commencement ’09 speaker Tammy Baldwin lived in and what was […]

We regret to report that we only recently stumbled across this alumna’s inauguration-specific blog: Notes from the Mall by Lindsey Rowe ’06 While inauguration seems like ages ago, it’s an interesting read from one alumna’s perspective. Also worth noting is that the blog is hosted at “” How did the Alumnae House come to host […]

No, seriously! Hallmark just wrapped up production of a movie about a 40-something woman who returns to college late in life. And not just any college, but Smith College! (And it’s really called that, not Catamount College or some other pseudonym.) The main character, played by the fabulous Cybill Shepherd (most recently of The L […]

Mazel tov to Jessica and Natalie (both class of 2006), who won a contest to get married, along with 13 other couples, on top of the Empire State Building today! (Thanks to Em ’08 for the tip!)

3 Valentines


TriniGourmet ’98 says it with a tuile heart: Autumn ’89 wants to send a valentine to all the amazing strangers that have crossed her path in life: To the woman who picked me up at a bus stop when it was vile and stormy out. To the couple who picked me up on the highway […]

Two neat stories in The Sophian that alums might find interesting: Smith alumnae picked up by Obama administration: Includes a possible top economic post as well as a position on the Education & Labor team. One was even Michelle Obama’s chief of staff during the campaign! Blogging on the border: Describes a junior (that’s class […]