Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith!


No, seriously!

Shes already got her pearls!

Hallmark just wrapped up production of a movie about a 40-something woman who returns to college late in life. And not just any college, but Smith College! (And it’s really called that, not Catamount College or some other pseudonym.) The main character, played by the fabulous Cybill Shepherd (most recently of The L Word) enrolls as an Ada Comstock Scholar.

According to the press release:

College takes some getting used to for Alice who looks and feels a little out of place, showing up at her dorm’s first social in a designer dress and high heels. And due to a mix-up in room assignments, Alice gets a surprise roommate: Zoe Burns (Corri English, “The Bedford Diaries”), a 20-year-old transfer student who rides a Vespa and is constantly changing the color of her spiky hair. Neither one is impressed with the other.

The movie is set to be shown on the Hallmark Channel in August. Has anyone heard where it was filmed? I wonder if any Smith buildings will show up on screen…


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  1. Sounds interesting

  2. 2 larry

    filmed at ucla, los angeles city hall, whittier, ca

  3. 3 Mystery

    A small portion was indeed filmed at Smith! You’ll have to watch to see just how they did it.

  4. 4 Eugene

    I was at UCLA and saw them filming it there on Bruin Walk

    • 5 Karen

      One obvious West Coast blooper – Mrs. Washington and Zoe raid the refrigerator and come out with ice cream (a container for each). It is obvious that the brand of ice cream is Dreyer’s – which is sold as Edy’s in the East and Dreyer’s in California.

  5. 6 Carol Foster

    As a 1990 Ada Comstock Scholar Smith graduate, I sure hope the movie is good. I love Smith too much to see anything, including a movie with “Smith” in its title, present the school in a light that is anything other than spectacular.

  6. 7 Cutty

    Well, I just watched it, and the only Smith scene I saw was the Grecourt gates–all else looked like SoCal (did you notice the Spanish architecture in the background of that scene where Cybil Shepherd is jogging and tells the prof “I miss you”? UCLA for sure. Though the recital could have taken place in one of the Radcliffe common rooms). The opening footage did look like I91 from Springfield. The more important issue is whether parents already hysterical that their daughters are going to become gay if they go to Smith will also be saddled with a roommate who is 40 years their senior. This was not a good film for Smith promotion, though presumably anyone smart enough to get into Smith would recognize this for the hollywood fluff–or corn–it was. The real question is why intelligent attractive women like us were watching a Hallmark movie on a Saturday night instead of out on dates with our husbands or boyfriends? Yikes!

  7. 9 Angela H.

    I usually don’t like Hallmark movies but I watched it twice already! I’m going to tell all my girlfriends about it tomorrow. I LOVE IT! Anyone know where I can get the soundtrack???

  8. 10 Jennifer

    Great movie! How old is Cybill? She looks great. I just bought Wake’s album on iTunes. Search for Radiate Sessions on iTunes.

  9. 11 Faye

    I think this is a great movie and I really don’t think that it portrays anything bad about Smith College or those that attend it… It’s about how things change… About how Alice goes back to college after putting her husband through college and then raising her family — now finds herself on her own and remembers that dream that she gave up so many years ago… I applaud her for having the courage to do this… by the way, Cybill Shepherd is 59 yrs young and still looks great!!!

  10. 12 Cutty

    Sure, all fair enough comments–but she’s supposed to portray a fortysomething, did you really develop that many wrinkles before you hit 50? And I think that today’s overprotective parents would balk at having a roommate 40 years your daughter’s senior: the premise, that young women are looking for mother substitutes, and that an Ada is looking for a more supportive daughter, just too Freudian (or Kleinian). Having said that, you’re also right that the demographic they are aiming at is probably not parents, nor prospectives, but women themselves and it could be inspiring from that perspective. And there were some uniquely Smith touches that nobody but Smithies would get, unnecessary to the film, did you notice?

  11. 13 Stefanie'72

    I watched the movie last night. The Northampton location shots seemed to be local color on I91, a few of the Grecourt Gates and College Hall, and maybe some of the green between the library and the Science Center, and on the other side of the Library. The inside shots could have been on a sound stage anywhere. The campus house they lived in was definitely not at Smith, but very in the flavor of the campus buildings. (Very nice portal details – very gothic-y.)

    I had no problem with Cybil Shepherd having wrinkles. In order for the movie audience to “get it”, most images need a bit of exaggeration for the message to be understood. Having a 59-yr-old portray a 44-yr-old didn’t distract from the story line. Cybil Shepherd looked terrific in the movie.

  12. 14 Carol

    Could someone tell me the name of the Chopin piece that Zoe plays for her recital piece? Thanks.

    • 15 JULES

      I believe that it is Chopin Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2- go to you tube and let me know if you thing that’s it… I enjoyed it as well..

    • 16 Dana

      The song that Zoe plays is Chopin’s Nocturne in C Sharp Minor, Opus Posthumous. I spent all day yesterday trying to figure that out, and thought I would pass it along.

  13. I like the show becouse it give hope to some is older too get a degree!

  14. I saw this and had mixed feelings about it. As a an Ada alum, I was very happy that the Ada Comstock Scholars program was featured…and I thought that at times, the film portrayed the “feeling” of Smith pretty well.

  15. 19 ata

    hey do you know the name of this song (zoes playing)

  16. 20 Didi

    Hey can anybody please help me with the lines there by the graduation scene? The speach the lady says about history and women. Thanks

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