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This posts marks the beginning of a series of lengthier discussions around the issue of how Smith is dealing with the recession. For this post, blogger alum opinions were solicited via email. Other comments were taken (with permission) from an online Smith forum. We welcome further comments at At the beginning of March, Smith […]

Gloria Steinem is turning 75 (if you can belive that— the woman looks fabulous). In her honor, the Ms. Foundation is starting a social change campaign called “Outrageous Acts for Simple Justince.” Apparently Gloria started urging people to be outrageous years ago: If each person in the room promises that…the very next day she or […]

You’ve probably heard that Smith has a relatively new post-bac program at its Center for Mathematics. Here’s a great blog post by a professor at a large research university extolling the virtues of the program‘s concept: As a graduate advisor at a large university, I would be very interested in an applicant who had successfully […]

College students as a demographic are not usually known for eating well. When not scarfing down ramen or instant dinners, they struggle to scavange healthy, delicious meals from the dining halls. However, Smith has a slightly different reputation. While meals prepared en masse are hardly comparable to home- or restaurant-cooking, Smith’s Dining Services usually does […]

This month we’re starting our feature of guest blog posts by Smith alums, beginning with this one on retirement from Carol Lightwood ’63. If you are a Smith alum and would like to write a guest post (on any subject of your choosing), please email us at Retirement is a relatively new invention and […]