Smith. It’s what’s for dinner.


College students as a demographic are not usually known for eating well. When not scarfing down ramen or instant dinners, they struggle to scavange healthy, delicious meals from the dining halls.

However, Smith has a slightly different reputation. While meals prepared en masse are hardly comparable to home- or restaurant-cooking, Smith’s Dining Services usually does a pretty great job of whipping up a meal that will appease everyone from a ravenous, carnivorous crewbie looking for to carbo load to the kosher vegan with a gluten allergy.

Once, after working on a group project together, I brought a Hampshire student as a guest to lunch at Cushing. It was soup and sandwich day, which I thought was tasty but not necessarily extraordinary. He, however, was blown away. “This is amazing!” he exclaimed. “It makes me want to sneak over here every day!”

While the recent dining changes provoked a lot of outcry among students and alums, the fact remains the Smith’s dining is probably still a cut or two above even the best of collegiate dining. AH ’08 of Coset the Table reminded me of this in her recent post about has a brilliant scheme for getting dinner inspiration: checking the Smith dining menus! Whenever she’s stumped for ideas and the internet feels too overwhelming, she checks the Smith College Dining Services menus.

When I checked the menus, I was immediately transported back to some of my favorite Smith meals: grilled cheese & tomato soup (a perfect classic on a cold day), pierogies at brunch, making taco salads at tex/mex night, and of course, mud pie. (Of course, in my day, we didn’t have sushi nights, but I imagine that would’ve been a favorite of mine, too!)

What are some of your favorite Smith dining memories and meals?


3 Responses to “Smith. It’s what’s for dinner.”

  1. 1 Leslie

    My favorite thing about my dining room was Thursday night candlelight dinners, usually with a prof invited, all the stops pulled out (linens, etc.) Felt like home, even though home never quite went that way!
    My least favorite thing was that I had to walk (in all weather) to the dining room, since my house (Clark) and the adjoining house (Dewey) were combined and Dewey had the kitchen.
    Neither house survive as residences today, of course.

  2. 2 Jaime

    I was one of those ravenous crewbies. Breakfast was the best thing ever in my world. A couple eggs, pancakes or waffles, yogurt, fruit, bacon (oh, bacon!), tea, orange juice, milk… And then a second course!

    And I actually enjoyed washing dished in Tyler.

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