Gloria Wants You to Be Outrageous


Gloria Steinem is turning 75 (if you can belive that— the woman looks fabulous). In her honor, the Ms. Foundation is starting a social change campaign called “Outrageous Acts for Simple Justince.” Apparently Gloria started urging people to be outrageous years ago:

If each person in the room promises that…the very next day she or he will do at least one outrageous thing in the cause of simple justice, then I promise I will, too. It doesn’t matter whether the act is as small as saying, “Pick it up yourself” …or as large as calling a strike…. [Watch the video here.]

I (this is Sarah writing) think this is a fabulous idea, very much in keeping with the Smithie spirit.

So what’s my outrageous act? Well, it’s going to be right here: I’d like to come out on this blog. Yep, I’m queer and a Smith alum. I sometimes feel as if I have to censure my queer identity when I’m promoting Smith—ostensibly because there is a “reputation issue”—but that’s bogus! If there’s one thing that Smith taught me to have, it’s confidence—in myself, in my mind, and in my potential. So here I am: Out and proud and a Smith alumna. And if that gives the college a “reputation,” then it’s one it should celebrate.

What’s your outrageous act?


3 Responses to “Gloria Wants You to Be Outrageous”

  1. Sarah:

    Join us at and post your act. Or join our Facebook cause at . We need your passion, your acts, and little of your cash. And bring some friends.

  2. 2 Iris

    taking advantage of the beautiful weather, yesterday, a group of friends and i got together for 15+ mile bike ride through downtown DC and the monuments. we were not riding in any sort of formal protest like critical mass (, but unfortunately in DC, biking is still not widely accepted as a normal form of transportation, so the 10 of us riding together felt like an ‘outrageous’ and radical act that also felt really good.

  3. Iris– this is wonderful! Make sure to submit it to Outrageous Acts!

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