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We recently received an email from the Alumnae Association asking us to help bring the recently announced Barbara Reinhold’s career webinar “to the attention of other alumnae however you can.”

This email was interesting for two reasons. One, because it linked to a “blog” by Barbara. Unfortunately, the “blog” is actually just a page open to commentary, not one that hosts recurring posts. Still, this marks the second time we have seen an Alumnae Association-sponsored blog (note that the blog we link to in that post has since been taken down).

But much more interesting is that we were clearly included on a mass email to designated “Alumnae Leaders!” This, in combination with the Alumnae Association’s venture into Facebook, seems to point towards a change in how the AA communicates with alums. Could a Twitter account be far behind?

While we doubt we’ll post regarding all emails directed to us as “Alumnae Leaders,” we’ll admit that we’re tickled to be considered as such, and look forward to passing on information we feel is relevant to Smithies in the blogging world.


2 Responses to “Career Webinars & Blogs”

  1. twitter account is going strong at 671.

  2. Oh yes, I know. I should have been more specific– I wonder if the Alumnae Association will go to twitter.

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