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There has been conversation for a while now regarding potential cuts to the Ada Comstock Program at Smith. We’re not 100% what the result will be, but we thought we’d share this Study Report (linked through the Ada Class blog) that touches on the issue. In spring 2009, President Christ commissioned a group to “identify […]

Alumnae of the Smith College Glee Club are being surveyed about their preferences regarding a singing tour in Italy with Michigan’s Alumni Glee Club. I received the email below (and got permission to share). Pass on to any Glee Club Alumnae you may know about! By filling out the survey, you can add your email […]

Got an email about this from the Alumnae Association, seems pretty cool! Whether you are a mid-career professional or a new alumna looking for that perfect first job, this webinar is for you. Join social media strategist Tish Grier AC ’01 to learn how you can use social media and new technologies to maximize your […]

Whiskey and Haterade ’08: I have made it to NOLA. The chapter of my life that was New York is now over. […] Following in the grand tradition of changing my hair during big transitions, I have elected for the sort of platinum blonde favored by anime characters. My hair is practically glowing. My anxieties […]

Jane Lynch, star of Glee and many other things, was married on Monday to Dr. Lara Embry, a Smithie. We have often thought Jane Lynch would make an excellent honorary Smithie for her brilliant acting and clever characters, so we obviously think the best of this match. Read the full New York Times announcement here: […]