Smith Glee Club Alumnae Italy Tour


Alumnae of the Smith College Glee Club are being surveyed about their preferences regarding a singing tour in Italy with Michigan’s Alumni Glee Club. I received the email below (and got permission to share). Pass on to any Glee Club Alumnae you may know about! By filling out the survey, you can add your email address to the list of interested people; then you’ll be kept up to date.


Dear Smith Glee Club Alumna,

As you may remember, we have mentioned the possibility of a tour to Italy in 2011. As envisioned, this experience would involve up to 200 singers comprised of alumni from the Smith College Glee Club and the University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club. We would tour northern Italy and Sicily, performing a major mixed choral work, likely the Verdi Requiem along with selections of our own college songs. Paul Rardin, director of the Men’s Glee Club, and Jonathan Hirsh, director of the Smith Glee Club, would be our conductors in residence. Our joint ensemble would perform with an orchestra of Italy and deliver performances at 4-6 venues on a tour lasting from 10-15 days. Exactly how long will depend on input from you as to your ability to make time for this experience.

How Would We Go? Broadly, we would fly to Milan, likely from New York or Boston, rehearse and deliver a first performance within 2-3 days of landing, and then fly to Sicily and deliver additional performances. How many performances and how much free time will depend on how long we tour. Same with the cost. We are getting tour planning help from professionals at Classical Movements, an organization that specializes in moving major orchestras and choral groups around the world. They’ve worked closely in the past with the Yale Alumni Chorus, for example.

What Do You Think? Below is a link to a short survey about Italy 2011. The survey is posted on, asks your opinions on this tour, and will take no more than five minutes of your time. Please complete ASAP. Having your input will help us do a better job of putting plans together. Within 30-60 days after processing survey results, you will receive a tour proposal that seeks a commitment and probably a commitment fee.

Survey link:

Italy 2011 is going to be a very exciting first choral tour experience for both alumni groups. Your input will be invaluable to making this choral travel adventure one that we won’t forget.

Thanks for your input!


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