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Taming the Tangle ’94: Do you groan when you have to write an artist statement? I know I do. Luckily I’ve learned from Alyson Stanfield that it’s very different from a bio, which also makes it harder. How do we put into words what we feel about our own art and the act of creation? […]

i’ve never even heard of you. ’04: my favorite type of scone is either fruit-based or some variation on coffee cake. the attempt at eating a savory scone was an aberration i shall never again repeat. my favorite type of baked good is cake. breakfast-wise, it is coffee cake. state-sanctioned cake for breakfast, y’all. i […]

Many thanks to Kathy M. for pointing us towards this amazing blog post by Katrina Kenison ’80, written on the occasion of her thirtieth reunion. We urge you to immediately drop everything and go read it in its entirety. Below is an excerpt: Arriving on campus in the fall of 1976, a slightly pudgy, shy, […]