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i’ve never even heard of you. ’04:

my favorite type of scone is either fruit-based or some variation on coffee cake. the attempt at eating a savory scone was an aberration i shall never again repeat.

my favorite type of baked good is cake. breakfast-wise, it is coffee cake. state-sanctioned cake for breakfast, y’all. i mean, come on. is there anything better?

The Chef de Plunge ’07:

It was at the Auld Smiddy Inn that Tucker and I also tasted sticky toffee pudding for the first time, which is a really yummy Scottish dessert, sort of a bread pudding made with dates and served with butterscotch sauce and ice cream. I was really surprised at how much I liked it, not being a huge date or butterscotch fan. The other classic Scottish dish we very much enjoyed was cullen skin, basically a potato and leek soup with smoked haddock.

The Gift of an Ordinary Day ’80:

“I’m not ever going to be Jill Ker Conway,” one woman said.  “But I guess it’s time to let that go anyway.”  And we laughed, nodding our heads, each one of us thinking the same thing: “I’m not, either.”    We are not all meant for boardrooms, and yet our lives do not matter any less for that. We need not do great things, to paraphrase Mother Teresa, but simply small things, with great love. Sometimes the path leads us to quiet searching, to helping a friend in need, preparing a meal, or celebrating a sunrise.  Sometimes our job is simply to make our own peace with the way things are — an illness, a divorce, a loss.

Volcano Summer ’05:

So, what does a volcanologist-errant do after the glory of the thesis is behind her? Well, if she has a brilliant scientist friend, she’ll be offered a spot on a research expedition to Peru. Since I’m friends with the inimitable Dr. Joe Licciardi of the University of New Hampshire, that very situation is coming to pass! Joe received funding from National Geographic for his work on Peruvian glacier fluctuations and their relationship to the European Little Ice Age, and then was kind enough to invite me along to help collect samples this time around.

That means that tomorrow morning at 7:45, I’ll be boarding a TACA airlines flight to Cusco, Peru.


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