Urban Outfitters does Northampton!


Check out the fall catalog (pdf) for Urban Outfitters. Look closely at the pictures. They’re all shot in and around Northampton, Smith, and the surrounding area. Very neat!


4 Responses to “Urban Outfitters does Northampton!”

  1. 1 Nina Coffin

    Got a big kick out of the catalog! First I recognized the periodicals room (I’m a librarian now, it’s a geek thing), then confirmed it when I spotted the von Klemperer’s names in the background. Any idea how UO picked us for a location?

  2. No idea! Maybe because they have a store there? Who knows…

  3. 3 Brittany

    Hey! do you know where the scenes with the water and swing are shot?? They’re awesome and I wanna find the spot! Thanks.

  4. 4 Nina Coffin

    The water has to be Paradise Pond. The swing is new since my days, but I’d say it’s on the slope below the President’s house.

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