Suddenly Seeking Smithies…


So, this blog is a project that Sarah and Amanda envisioned. And it’s still a really great idea. But sometimes we think… if only we had a few more Smithies involved, it could be even more amazing.

So how about it, fellow Smithie bloggers? Are there a couple of you interested in joining the team and taking the reins from time to time?

If so, drop a comment here or email


5 Responses to “Suddenly Seeking Smithies…”

  1. 1 Joan Stone

    What is the intent of the blog?

  2. 2 Cindy Harris

    Can you be a little more specific about what you have in mind and ho wyou’d like us to participate? Just a bunch of people popping up and saying “Hi, I’m a Smithie!” is not exactly compelling reading…

  3. 3 Smithie alum

    I actually submitted my blog to add to the list of Smithie alum reads awhile back. It never got posted. Is there a system where some blogs get chosen and others don’t? I’m confused. I am not trying to be snarky or anything – just curious.

  4. Hi Smithie alum–

    Alas, it’s not a system of selection but rather an issue of time. We don’t get to the emails as often as we should. If you’ve sent one recently, though, it should now be in the listing and you should have gotten an email back.


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