Smith College is Green College #30


The Sierra Club has ranked Smith at #30 in a list of America’s 100 Greenest Schools.

Check out the list here. You can also see Smith’s actual response to all the survey questions here, which is actually quite interesting.

Have any of your school’s students effected positive environmental change on a campus, state, or national level? If so, please describe.

Four come to mind immediately: Elisabeth Wolfe ’10 (founding president of Smith Community Garden, Head Chef of the Bike Kitchen, Honors Thesis on a History of Sustainability at Smith). Lauren Kaelin ’10 (House President of Morrow House, founded a house sustainability committee w/in Morrow House that has lead campus events, created and ran the “great switch hunt” for three years in which dorms compete to shut off campus lights during Earth Hour). Alana Miller ’10 (MassPIRG leader 2007-2010, lead work to pressure President Carol Christ to sign the ACUPCC, Focus the Nation, Student Organizer, 2008, Earth Day, Organizer, 2008). Kerry Valentine ’10 (Student Intern Office of Env. Sustainability, identified a chiller efficiency measure that was implemented in almost 20 locations around campus).

Brava Smith, and Brava Smithies!


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