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Fall is the time for… …listening to the wildlife flipping out (spynotes ’89) …celebrating 24 years of a relationship (The Gift of an Ordinary Day ’80) …watching the leaves begin to turn (Terry Marotta ’70) …writing a letter to your four year and seven month old child (liza was here ’91) …capturing the change of […]

Smith Faces


Many of you probably saw this in the E-News, but in the event you deleted the email or only skimmed it, we wanted to bring you this lovely photographic exhibit of Smith faces over the years, courtesy of Dick Fish Photography. I knew Connolly, Schuster, Van Dyke, Christ (of course), and a few others. Who […]

Lucky Punk ’94: I just got a new job, on the second season of a popular reality show… I’m not going to tell you the name of it, because they’re REALLY paranoid about secrecy, and then I’d get fired before I even start. They offered me a job on Wednesday evening, before I even had […]

The latest additions to the listings: A Usable Past AC ’09 Hello Madrid, Hola New York ’97 Glutenfreehub ’04 Smart Chicks Commune AC ’09 Hogwash & Nonsense ’04 Shopping Made Simple ’99 ThirtyWomenWriters ’10 Whisking Whimsy ’04 The Happy Raddish ’10 fashion loving mama ’99 The Personal is Bloggable ’09 Sometimes it takes us a […]