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Lucky Punk ’94:

I just got a new job, on the second season of a popular reality show… I’m not going to tell you the name of it, because they’re REALLY paranoid about secrecy, and then I’d get fired before I even start. They offered me a job on Wednesday evening, before I even had my last interview, with the network executive (“Try not to have any couch-jumping episodes,” they said). They wanted me to get on a plane Friday to head out to observe a shoot. I couldn’t do that, due to having to make arrangements for the pets to be taken care of, and because my house was completely ripped apart in home fix-it projects, but I head out early tomorrow morning, to &%$#ing Orlando, and then two days after that, up to New England for a day and a half, then I fly back to L.A. No one’s being very forthcoming with schedules, but I think the plan is that I’m here for two weeks, then on the road for a week and a half, rinse repeat for the next four months.

my design appetite ’05:

Cilantro Polenta with Black Bean, Chorizo, and Avocado


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