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Whether you love it or hate it, it’s December—National Buy Stuff Month. A comment on the Smith Alumnae LinkedIn Group had us thinking… why don’t we purchase our Stuff from Smithies!

So spread the word—what are your favorite Smithie-run establishments to support? Are you a Smithie selling things? Leave a comment and tell us where and how to buy your stuff!


2 Responses to “Support Smithies!”

  1. Well, I guess I’m my favorite Smithie-owned enterprise 🙂

    If you’re interested in some great Christmas music to overcome the earworms that are already boring us to death in every public space, check out “Strike the ‘Harp”, a two-CD set of holiday-oriented songs and instrumentals that I produced as a benefit for the autoharp community. Forty-seven different artists went into their studios, some alone, some with their bands or other musical friends, and they came out with some great music. Check it out at . $20 each, or you can get it for $15 each if you buy two or more.

    I’ve also got a CD of my own, made with my daughter (Smith 2011!!) several years ago. It’s not about the holidays, but it’s also a pretty good listen if you love acoustic music and women’s voices. That one’s at

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