What is the point of this blog?


So, awhile back we asked for Smithies to help run this blog. In hindsight, our request was rather vague and amorphous. As we should have expected, we got a couple of pointed comments:

Joan Stone: What is the intent of the blog?

Cindy Harris: Can you be a little more specific about what you have in mind and how you’d like us to participate? Just a bunch of people popping up and saying “Hi, I’m a Smithie!” is not exactly compelling reading…

So let’s get more specific. Right now, this blog serves primarily as a meta directory for Smithie blogs, listed by class year. Periodically, there are updates with new additions and blog posts commenting on something Smith-related. But there isn’t really a rhyme or reason to the posts, and they certainly aren’t posted with any regularity.

Quite honestly, I think the best part of the blog right now is its listing. But I think it could be a lot more. That, however, is where I run out of ideas. What do you think this blog should be?


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