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New Ada


Fascinating story about a woman enrolling at Smith as an Ada after having complete and total memory loss: When Su awoke from the coma, the past was quite literally gone, and she says that almost nothing that happened in the first 22 years of her life has returned. The few flashes of recollection have been […]

Brandy ’01 has a post up about whether Facebook and other social media outlets increase or decrease people’s interest in going to Reunion: NPR ran a story on another reason people aren’t returning for reunions: because of Facebook, people already feel connected enough to the people they want to keep in touch with. This is […]

As many of you may know, Smith has chosen its required reading for all incoming first years. This year, it’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. (Coincidentally, I just finished reading it and highly recommend it.) Scoobydoobeach ’75 writes about the required reading during her time at Smith: I noticed the other […]

In case you didn’t see the new Google Chrome add about the It Gets Better Project, here it is. Look for a clip from the Smith College submission at 1:09!