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Probably many of you have heard about, which started out as a small-scale project to collect individual’s secrets, anonymously, and went viral. A 2005 Smithie* named Anne has started something in a similar tradition, called the Look for The Good Project. As Anne describes it, the project was borne out of a time of […]

Every once in a while (usually in the course of my duties as 2005 Class Secretary), someone asks me about more ways to network with Smithies. Whether it’s social or professional, we’re a powerful network, and one worth using. So here are some traditional and non-traditional ways of connecting with your fellow alums (other than […]

I honestly don’t know where I’ve been. As a Smithie, feminist, and tweeter, I definitely should have known about FEMINIST HULK. Part comic hero, part feminist activist, he writes in all-caps about his quest for social justice: HULK APPLAUD GIRL SCOUTS OF COLORADO FOR WELCOMING TRANSGENDER CHILDREN! THEY EARN A SMASH BADGE! HULK HAVE CONFLICTED […]