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Vegan Nom Noms (by Nicole ’09)

Look what Germany has done to me! I cannot get enough sauerkraut. This seems like some ridiculous combination that would only make sense if you were pregnant (which I am definitely not), but it seems to make total sense in my current head space. It’s very simple:

– tofu wurst/sausage
– gnocchi, boiled and then fried in a pan with oil until browned
– mushrooms
– garlic
– sauerkraut thrown in at the end to warm

Someone Else’s Eye (by Elaine ’81)

Petco was my first love in San Diego. I still get emotional when I try to describe the way I felt on my first visit two years ago. Retired players’ numbers aren’t painted on the side walls, as they are at most ballparks. Here they’re three-dimensional objects – lit from within – and at night they glow amid the lights of the downtown skyscrapers so the city itself becomes part of the ballpark and the ballpark part of the city.

Verilliance (by Jennifer ’06 Ada)

Neil Patel posted today on the importance of dressing for success. This is one of those pieces of advice we hear, but maybe don’t follow. Maybe we don’t follow it because we’re rebellious. Maybe it’s because we operate from that particular morality that tells us it’s not the packaging, it’s what’s inside, dammit! Maybe our clothing budget is slim and we accept that we’ll just have to work harder to wow our audience with our intellect or wit or humor. Maybe we just prefer comfort over being “buttoned up”.

Paper Tigress (by Claire ’10)

I’ve had this blog for a year (and a few weeks) and when I first started writing I spent hours crafting each post. Was my grammar correct? Did I describe that comic to the best of my ability? I’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist and I brought that mania to my blog. As I began to feel more comfortable about my blogging abilities, I loosened up a little bit and stopped worrying. Writing in this blog is no problem.

A few weeks ago, a friend showed me an English language arts blog called Juanele and suggested I ask about blogging opportunities. I wrote the director an email, citing the need for more articles about comics, suggesting myself as a good candidate for the job. Surprisingly, he responded positively. The only problem? It took me a week to write the post. A week! And it’s a super normal post.

Other Than Life (by Elaine ’81)

It’s taken me long enough, I know, but I finally have my first video up on YouTube. It’s a performance of Tom Waits’ song “Jersey Girl’ that I did at The Salon this past Sunday, using the arrangement David Epstein put together for me several years ago.  The incomparable Mark Janas is at the piano.


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