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I kept adding to the original post about this, but I realized that there’s enough to warrant a stand alone follow up post. So with no further adieu, here are the updates and reactions to the Anne Spurzem letter to the editor (in rough chronological order): Original links: Read the comments on the letter at […]

Our Terroir (Marie-Laure ’06): So commences the awkward period; beyond the childhood epoch of apprenticing in cheeseplants, in caves, and with farmers, I am not yet the entrepreneurial full-fledged farming adult.  Tempting as it is to keep hopping from one bucolic landscape to another, this initial training period grows stale as I look toward embedding […]

This post today is about the ties that you make at Smith. Not that you can’t make strong ties elsewhere, but there is something to be said for your college friends. Friendships forged in nighttime chats, daytime protests. Identity crises and academic triumphs. Here are excerpts from two beautiful posts about the families you choose, […]

A recent letter to the editor of the Sophian, written by Anne Spurzem ’84, caused an explosion of outrage online: Here are the more salient paragraphs, with emphasis added: I read your article about [President] Carol [Christ]’s resignation … It mentioned the percentage increase in the population of women of color and foreign students. … As someone […]

Breaking news! As is tradition, the Smith College commencement speaker is always announced on Rally Day. And this year… it’s Jane Lynch! Obviously we’re very excited—the woman is clearly an honorary Smithie (as we’ve said before). See the traditional clue-by-clue announcement (accompanied by the traditional screams of excitement) below: ETA: Here’s the official Smith press […]

The news is out… Carol Christ has announced that she will resign as President of Smith College in June 2013. Smith has launched an official 12-person search committee to find Smith’s 11th president. (Upon hearing this, my immediate reaction was, “Leaving? Already? Why, she was just inaugurated in… oh, 2002.. ten years ago…” Time absolutely […]

Ellie ’05 recently had a column in the Huffington Post, writing about how her close friendships with other women helped her through her cancer treatments: There’s a post-collegiate period when a girl wonders if she’ll ever make friends like the ones she had on campus. After graduation, I kept busy with work and falling in […]