Carol Christ Retiring from Smith College


Carol T. Christ, in 2002

The official letter from President Christ to alums about her retirement (yes, we realize now that resign was probably the wrong word to use) has arrived. In it, Christ reflects on her time at Smith and what has changed in the last ten years.

She started in summer 2002 (read her inaugural address here). She will leave Smith effective June 30, 2013, and the search is already on for her successor.

I love this paragraph after she lists Smith’s accomplishments during her tenure (emphasis added):

All this has been possible because of the extraordinary creativity and vision of our community. I am buoyed every day by the spirit and ambition of our students, the imagination and dedication of our faculty and staff, and the accomplishments of our alumnae. An alumna recently said to me, “Smith is not only a college but a movement.” As Smith’s president, I’ve had the privilege of seeing the history of women in the twentieth and now into the twenty-first century through a unique lens—the aspirations, the achievements, and the lives of our students and alumnae.


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