Smithies and Girl Scouts


In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts, here are some Smithie bloggers writing about their involvement in this now century-old organization:

Girl Scouts marching in the Wisconsin 1931 memorial day parade, from the Smart Chicks Commune Tumblr, run by an '09 Smithie

Phred ’04 writes about a childhood memory of a creative, girl-scout-inspired project gone awry:

I decided that I should try the project my girl scout day camp counselors discussed: making earrings out of acorns. My sister and Lizzy, our friend,and I gathered in the kitchen. And I got out the grown up scissors. Of course, I slipped and cut my finger badly. Allison had to go down to the basement to get my dad twice before he came up. He didn’t understand my sister when she told him I was “dripping”.

Noelle ’05 remembers how a fellow girl scout confirmed her insecurity about her breasts:

My breasts were stretch-marked and saggy in the fourth grade. I remember changing at Girl Scout camp, a peer’s nasty voice: “Are you wearing a bra?” She said it with such disgust, such disdain. I already felt that my body was wrong, and now I had proof.
For two years after that summer, I wore a leotard under my clothes every day. It flattened the plane of my expanding chest and middle, making me look smoother, more acceptable (or so I thought).
E’s Mom and I have a special relationship. […] We started our girl scout troop as co-leaders and have been having fun “winging it” ever since. […]
Seven years ago I wondered if we’d be at [E’s daughter’s] Bat Mitzvah. Today I wondered if we’d be at her wedding. They have suitable taste in friends, so I don’t worry, although I’m curious: Who will our girls fall in love with? It takes a special friendship to last a lifetime. I hope my daughter’s friendships will continue to grow, and once again we will watch them dance the day (or night) away, so involved in their own happiness that they don’t notice the boys, or us moms, dancing in small groups on the periphery.

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