Wish you could go back to college?


Well, of course you can go back to college at Reunion. But Becky ’02 of the Inquisitive Hippo has taken it one step further — she has arranged a song from Avenue Q for fellow Glee Clubbers, musicians, and other Smith singers to sing at reunion!

Here’s her post:

This weekend marks 10 years since I received my degree from Smith College and I’ll be living it up NoHo style with all my friends from the class of ’02. I can’t actually believe it’s been 10 years since graduation but somehow life keeps churning away whether you pay attention to it or not. In celebration of this milestone, I took a song I love from the Broadway Musical, Avenue Q (if you haven’t seen it, stop reading immediately and go YouTube it right now) and arranged it for women’s voices in hopes that we’ll find a time to sing it this weekend.

So, lovely glee clubbers of the class of  ’02, download this fabulous pdf and hopefully we’ll fit it in to our weekend!

I Wish I Could Go Back to College

I hope this actually happens, and that when it does, it is captured on YouTube!


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