Smithie wins Washington Monument Design Competition

Karolina Kawiaka ’88 has won a national competition to redesign the Washington Monument in DC.

The centerpiece of Kawiaka’s work is a 3,000-seat amphitheater that will be inserted into the currently empty grounds adjacent to the Washington Monument. The finished public space will overlook a new “great lawn” on the north-south axis that runs through the White House and Jefferson Memorial.

Kawiaka said she wanted to draw attention to the original plan for the monument to be placed at the intersection of two lines — one running north-south from the center of the White House and another east-west from the Capitol Building’s center. […]

“I am interested in the idea of ‘placeness’ and how to build and create an experience that intensifies a sense of a particular place,” she said. “This means thinking about the whole experience of a building or landscape, including historical and symbolic references as well as the perceptual experience and the use of light to lead one through a space.”

Here is an artistic rendition of the design:



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