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As anyone who has looked at the last posting date can guess, this blog has ended. Smith is doing a great job now of promoting Smithies online via e-blasts and e-news and various other forums (twitter, facebook, etc); this blog no longer feels needed. All will stay as it is (although I will turn off […]

So, awhile back we asked for Smithies to help run this blog. In hindsight, our request was rather vague and amorphous. As we should have expected, we got a couple of pointed comments: Joan Stone: What is the intent of the blog? Cindy Harris: Can you be a little more specific about what you have […]

So, this blog is a project that Sarah and Amanda envisioned. And it’s still a really great idea. But sometimes we think… if only we had a few more Smithies involved, it could be even more amazing. So how about it, fellow Smithie bloggers? Are there a couple of you interested in joining the team […]

So maybe life got a little busy. So maybe Sarah’s new life could be titled The Very Busy Job and maybe Amanda’s could be titled Yes, He’s Just That Into You and Now You’re Into a Wedding Dress. We’re sorry for ignoring this project. But we’re back, inasmuch as we can be. We’ve gone through […]

The new year is fast approaching, and we here at the Association of Smith College Alum Blogs have one major resolution: To find at least one blogging alum from every class between 1960 and 2009! To do this, though, we need your help. Although our listing spans those five decades and includes over 275 blogs, […]

We’re growing quickly! In just a few days, we’ve collected over 75 alumnae blogs, authored by alums from 1967 to the soon-to-be graduates of 2008. Soon, we’ll start adding short blurbs about individual blogs. We’ll highlight posts and alum blogs that we find informative, thought-provoking, or just downright funny. Not surprisingly, the alum blogs we’ve […]

We’re just plugging in some details, and then we’ll be up and running. Are you a Smithie with a blog? Send it to Thanks! photo: Stoddard Hall Lab, 1904 credit: