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Whiskey and Haterade ’08: I have made it to NOLA. The chapter of my life that was New York is now over. […] Following in the grand tradition of changing my hair during big transitions, I have elected for the sort of platinum blonde favored by anime characters. My hair is practically glowing. My anxieties […]

Mazel tov to Jessica and Natalie (both class of 2006), who won a contest to get married, along with 13 other couples, on top of the Empire State Building today! (Thanks to Em ’08 for the tip!)

Four Seven Three Six, by Drew ’06, is a Seattle street style blog, documenting real fashion by real people. Drew and her co-blogger Whitney go out on the town to catch people at store openings, after presidential (and VP) debates, and just generally looking fashionable. Breakfast in Daegu, by Colleen ’08, is a blog about […]

Although the official two-year reunion has been quietly abolished, the youngest alums are planning to parade nonetheless! Here are some other samplings of the Smithie spirit: Jessica ’01 was delighted to receive a package full of incredibly beautiful fabric scraps from a friend. (“One woman’s scraps are another woman’s… soon-to-be quilt?” “From scraps to stitches?” […]