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Emma ’03 writes at Emmasota: My soul needs a salad. I’ve been feeling a little unsettled these days. Two months ago, I shared my intention for the winter season: to let things percolate. I’m usually so eager to dive into the next thing, to set the next goal, but this time, the goal was not […]

Fall is the time for… …listening to the wildlife flipping out (spynotes ’89) …celebrating 24 years of a relationship (The Gift of an Ordinary Day ’80) …watching the leaves begin to turn (Terry Marotta ’70) …writing a letter to your four year and seven month old child (liza was here ’91) …capturing the change of […]

Sarah Forth ’70 was in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia for Earth Day 2008: The tall oaks, maples and sycamores were still bare, but the grass had greened up–it’s been a wet spring–and clumps of bright yellow daffodils populated the hillsides. The ornamental plum by the drive was covered in pale pink flowers and […]