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Emma ’03 writes at Emmasota: My soul needs a salad. I’ve been feeling a little unsettled these days. Two months ago, I shared my intention for the winter season: to let things percolate. I’m usually so eager to dive into the next thing, to set the next goal, but this time, the goal was not […]

Fall is the time for… …listening to the wildlife flipping out (spynotes ’89) …celebrating 24 years of a relationship (The Gift of an Ordinary Day ’80) …watching the leaves begin to turn (Terry Marotta ’70) …writing a letter to your four year and seven month old child (liza was here ’91) …capturing the change of […]

Many thanks to Kathy M. for pointing us towards this amazing blog post by Katrina Kenison ’80, written on the occasion of her thirtieth reunion. We urge you to immediately drop everything and go read it in its entirety. Below is an excerpt: Arriving on campus in the fall of 1976, a slightly pudgy, shy, […]

Alums of the 80s: They saw legwarmers, big hair, big sunglasses, a two-term Republican presidency, and Smith’s first female president— Jill Ker Conway. Over twenty years later, legwarmers are back, hair keeps getting weirder, our sunglasses are huge, and we’re at the end of another two-term Republican presidency. OK, so maybe the world hasn’t changed […]