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While sifting through the Google reader that I keep of all the Smith alum blogs, I stumbled across some incredible words from Smithies around their uteri. In light of all the discussion going on about rights and bodies, I thought it would be meaningful to share these personal stories. In my mind, these are the […]

Fall is the time for… …listening to the wildlife flipping out (spynotes ’89) …celebrating 24 years of a relationship (The Gift of an Ordinary Day ’80) …watching the leaves begin to turn (Terry Marotta ’70) …writing a letter to your four year and seven month old child (liza was here ’91) …capturing the change of […]

VH1 and other TV shows often give us the “Behind the Scenes” retrospective of how movies are made. But that’s just it— they’re retrospectives. It’s so rare to get a chance to read, in near-to-real time, how an idea is born, pushed, shoved, and molded into a film, without all the after-editing. Thanks to Xandra […]

Spring can only mean one thing: baseball! The Yankee vs. Red Sox rivalry is starting up again. Up here in Red Sox land, the passions are firing up. Are you prepared with your Yankee Voodoo doll? If not, Lisa ’90 can knit you one! And if you’re not watching the games at night, you’re probably […]