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While sifting through the Google reader that I keep of all the Smith alum blogs, I stumbled across some incredible words from Smithies around their uteri. In light of all the discussion going on about rights and bodies, I thought it would be meaningful to share these personal stories. In my mind, these are the […]

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The Financial Sort (Shabana ’97): Whenever I meet with new parents, the first thing they want to talk to me about is how to save for college. There isn’t a better example of how having children changes your outlook on life towards putting another person’s needs before your own, because I have to point out […]

The latest additions to the listings: A Usable Past AC ’09 Hello Madrid, Hola New York ’97 Glutenfreehub ’04 Smart Chicks Commune AC ’09 Hogwash & Nonsense ’04 Shopping Made Simple ’99 ThirtyWomenWriters ’10 Whisking Whimsy ’04 The Happy Raddish ’10 fashion loving mama ’99 The Personal is Bloggable ’09 Sometimes it takes us a […]

The approaching cold always has me thinking about crafting projects and whatnot. Here’s a photo round up of recent Smith alum craftiness:

My favorite Smith tradition is the Ivy Day parade. I love seeing each successive class come proudly down the path, witty and nostalgic signs in tow. Somehow, each class still mirrors the previous ones, despite the difference in years. Poking around online, I found a wonderful clipping from The New York Times about Ivy Day […]