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Anonymous ’99 writes at My, you have really put on weight! about maternal hair dynamics: Mom hasn’t told me yet this morning that I’ve put on weight, but she has told me that my hair looks better down. Mom rarely misses an opportunity to tell me that my hair doesn’t look better in a different […]

The latest additions to the listings: A Usable Past AC ’09 Hello Madrid, Hola New York ’97 Glutenfreehub ’04 Smart Chicks Commune AC ’09 Hogwash & Nonsense ’04 Shopping Made Simple ’99 ThirtyWomenWriters ’10 Whisking Whimsy ’04 The Happy Raddish ’10 fashion loving mama ’99 The Personal is Bloggable ’09 Sometimes it takes us a […]

My favorite Smith tradition is the Ivy Day parade. I love seeing each successive class come proudly down the path, witty and nostalgic signs in tow. Somehow, each class still mirrors the previous ones, despite the difference in years. Poking around online, I found a wonderful clipping from The New York Times about Ivy Day […]