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Check out this article in The New York Times featuring Sara Katz ’05 and the work her organization, FoodFight, does in NYC. “Telling kids what they should and shouldn’t eat is not really effective,” said Ms. Katz, who taught a class called Food for Thought at Essex Street Academy last spring. “Teenagers don’t do things […]

College students as a demographic are not usually known for eating well. When not scarfing down ramen or instant dinners, they struggle to scavange healthy, delicious meals from the dining halls. However, Smith has a slightly different reputation. While meals prepared en masse are hardly comparable to home- or restaurant-cooking, Smith’s Dining Services usually does […]

This week, we got lost in Smith alum blogs about food. There are so many, so we offer you a simple paring of some especially delicious and decadent posts. Kate ’00, of Chocolate, Cheese, and Chianti, recently detailed her trip to London. Among the stops on her touristy agenda? Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and, of […]