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I have an unending soft-spot for parody videos! Especially ones made by Smithies! Here is the original: And here is the Smith parody, by the Korean American Students at Smith club!

Well, of course you can go back to college at Reunion. But Becky ’02 of the Inquisitive Hippo has taken it one step further — she has arranged a song from Avenue Q for fellow Glee Clubbers, musicians, and other Smith singers to sing at reunion! Here’s her post: This weekend marks 10 years since […]

Many congrats to Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy ’02 for winning an Oscar! Sharmeen won for her documentary “Saving Face” about women in Pakistan whose faces are deliberately burned by acid. It’s interesting to note that Smith played a role in helping Sharmeen on her path—she was a fellow at the Kahn Institute, which provided funding for her […]

Our Terroir (Marie-Laure ’06): So commences the awkward period; beyond the childhood epoch of apprenticing in cheeseplants, in caves, and with farmers, I am not yet the entrepreneurial full-fledged farming adult.  Tempting as it is to keep hopping from one bucolic landscape to another, this initial training period grows stale as I look toward embedding […]

The news is out… Carol Christ has announced that she will resign as President of Smith College in June 2013. Smith has launched an official 12-person search committee to find Smith’s 11th president. (Upon hearing this, my immediate reaction was, “Leaving? Already? Why, she was just inaugurated in… oh, 2002.. ten years ago…” Time absolutely […]

Awesome use of Beyonce’s awesome song.

If you haven’t seen the hubbub around this on Facebook, here’s the article in the Boston Globe: All last week, students at Smith College were buzzing over a rumor that the school was going completely vegetarian and locavore. There were protests and counter-protests, with slogans chalked on walkways. There was a Twitter feed that caught […]