This post is already self-evident


As anyone who has looked at the last posting date can guess, this blog has ended. Smith is doing a great job now of promoting Smithies online via e-blasts and e-news and various other forums (twitter, facebook, etc); this blog no longer feels needed. All will stay as it is (although I will turn off comments if I can figure that out).

Enjoy it as a resource!


2 Responses to “This post is already self-evident”

  1. Hi and thanks. What’s the best email address to use to send alumni blog updates to, then? I’m at

  2. Hi Clarissa,

    There are a number of ways to promote yourself via the Smith network:
    1. Email someone at the AASC:
    2. Post your blog as a “promotion” in the Smith College LinkedIn group.

    Good luck!

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